Corrosion, how to prevent it

One of the most widely used materials in the industry sector is undoubtedly steel, a material that is easy to work with, very strong and light, but subject to deterioration if not adequately protected. The main reason for its deterioration is corrosion, a natural phenomenon that causes irreversible damage to a metal surface due to chemical or electrochemical reactions that can develop under adverse conditions such as rain, moisture, UV rays or contact with aggressive chemicals.

Corrosion can lead to the need to proceed with partial or, in extreme cases, total refurbishment of the item resulting in high monetary outlay as well as an unnecessary loss of time. Against this background, the choice of an anti-corrosion method that guarantees long-lasting protection becomes essential.

There are several criteria and products that can prevent corrosion, and the choice of method depends mainly on the environmental conditions to which the artifact will be exposed. For example, if it will be exposed to moisture or the exposure to corrosive agents such as salts or acids, it may be necessary to apply specific high-resistance coatings or use specific alloys; on the contrary, if it will be inside a heated building with a neutral atmosphere, such as a school, a low-protection coating system will be enough.

The application of a powder coating is certainly one of the most cost-effective solutions to protect and isolate steel from corrosive agents.  However, in an increasingly demanding and attentive market, it is necessary that the coating systems chosen are of high quality and able to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

So how do you choose a quality product that can best protect a steel component?

QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality mark for coated steel that certifies protective coatings’ excellent wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance. Holding this certification guarantees consumers that the product meets high-quality standards and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance over time. The QUALISTEELCOAT license also establishes the expected lifetime of the coating.

RIPOL’s constant commitment to supplying quality products that are also recognized by external bodies has allowed the company to obtain, for the 7th consecutive year, QUALISTEELCOAT certification for the RIPOL Corrocare ABP primer used in combination with RIPOL 59L, 58L, 52L, 55R series finishes. RIPOL powder coating products have obtained QUALISTEELCOAT certification with a corrosivity category of C4H and C5H. This indicates that the products can be used in industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity levels and in aggressive environments with high moisture levels, respectively with an expected lifetime of about 15-25 years.

In conclusion, choosing a quality coating product to protect a steel surface from corrosive agents is crucial to ensure durability and resistance over time. Therefore, choosing QUALISTEELCOAT-certified RIPOL powder coatings is a safe and responsible choice for those who wish to protect their steel products with a guaranteed, premium quality product.

For further information or to test the product, please contact your local RIPOL sales representative.


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