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RIPOL Primer Powder: The Professionals’ Choice for Alloy Wheel Protection

In the professional coating sector, alloy wheels pose a challenge. Subject to extreme conditions, they require high-quality materials that guarantee flawless aesthetics, functionality, and safety. External agents such as gravel, stones, ice, snow, salt, humidity, UV rays, and chemicals constantly threaten their resistance.

Long-lasting Protection and Extreme Reliability

To tackle this challenge, RIPOL offers a range of Powder Primers specially formulated to withstand the most severe stresses. The composition of RIPOL Primers provides superior protection, with high resistance to scratches, chemicals, and chipping, allowing the rims to maintain greater longevity and optimal conditions over time.

Primer Preparation and Application

The RIPOL Primer application process involves thorough rim preparation, including automated sweeping and polishing techniques, followed by multi-stage pre-treatment to ensure optimum adhesion and protection against corrosion. Oven drying prepares the surface for the Primer application, which is essential to provide excellent defense against filiform corrosion and enhance the surface appearance of the rims. After application, a liquid coat can be applied, choosing between a high-gloss clear acrylic topcoat or a matt polyester coating.

CNC Diamond Cutting lathe for Special Brilliance

The CNC Diamond cutting lathe is the optimum choice for an even more refined visual effect. Applicable only on wheel models with flat surfaces, this process enhances alloy wheels by further improving their appearance and providing a distinctive brilliance.

High-Level Technical Features

RIPOL primers are designed to offer excellent performance from every perspective. Thanks to their excellent leveling capacity, they ensure a smooth and uniform finish, without imperfections. They exhibit excellent chemical resistance that effectively counteracts the harmful effects of weathering and chemicals. They guarantee perfect adhesion to the substrate and optimal inter-layer adhesion, preventing moisture and corrosive penetration and extending their useful life. They are easily sandable, providing an optimal surface for further applications, and preventing bubbles and defects thanks to their good degassing properties.

Versatility of RIPOL Primers

RIPOL Primers offer different chemical compositions, colours, and finishes to meet every need. Available in two different chemical natures, hybrid systems and pure epoxies, RIPOL Primers come in black colours and various shades of grey, with smooth, glossy, semi-gloss and matt finishes.

Innovation, quality but also sustainability: a company prerogative

RIPOL Primers, like all our products, are formulated with full respect for the environment: they are solvent-free, do not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are free of heavy metals, toxic materials, and zinc, ensuring a significant reduction in environmental impact.

To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us. We will happily answer your questions and offer you the best solution for your needs.

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Have you experienced Topcoat adhesion problems after using a powder coating primer? Are you looking for a product that provides excellent corrosion protection? RIPOL 22LN1G61092 is the ideal solution! This new primer belongs to the CONDUCTIVE Series based on pure epoxy-based powder coating developed to minimize electrostatic discharge (ESD) and create an active barrier effect for superior anticorrosion power.


Coating surfaces is a process that requires precision and attention to detail. Each element can affect the aesthetics and durability of the finished product. How can we avoid or solve this problem without compromising quality? Discover the winning strategy for a flawless and durable coating.


RIPOL, The Powder Coatings Company, is proud to announce its participation in the 18th Wagner-Service Symposium, the most important event in Poland and one of the most relevant in Europe for the powder and liquid coatings sector. The Symposium will take place in Warsaw from 21st to 23rd February 2024 and will bring together the main suppliers of equipment, components, coatings and other elements of the complex coatings sector.


RIPOL, the Italian company producing high-quality powder coatings, has received, again for 2024, the prestigious QUALICOAT certification for its product series dedicated to the world of architecture. The 52L, 55R, 56L, 58L and 59L series have been submitted to the severe laboratory tests required by the European organization QUALICOAT, confirming their quality and reliability.