RIPOL products are all made from quality raw materials

Hybrid systems

Chemical nature

The RIPOL Series 1 hybrid epoxy and polyester resin based powder coatings have excellent mechanical characteristics, good resistance to chemical agents and to yellowing. They are ideal for painting products for interior use such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, radiators, office and workshop furniture, shelves and small household appliances. They can also be used with excellent results to decorate non-metallic surfaces such as glass or ceramic.

They are formulated for application using both electro-static CORONA spray guns and TRIBO spray guns for automatic and manual equipment.

Also in this case RIPOL has developed products to satisfy any need such as: standard curing systems, rapid and ultarapid systems, thin films, anti-bacteria coatings and with antistatic (ESD) and conductive properties.

Fields of use

Glass and ceramic

RIPOL has extended its range of application from ferrous to non-ferrous substrates and proposes products especially designed to adhere to glass and ceramic. In this way it is possible to paint...


FurnitureRIPOL proposes a wide choice of thermosetting coating systems for the furniture sector to use both indoors (Series 1 hybrid and series 2 epoxy), and outdoors (Series 5 and 6 polyesters)....

Household appliances

For the household appliances’ sector RIPOL has developed hybrid systems in a wide range of colours and finishes which meet all of the customer’s aesthetic needs. They have excellent mechanical...

Lighting & electrical components

RIPOL offers thermosetting coatings developed specifically for the electrical sector depending on the customer’s needs. These are polyester or hybrid systems that can be used either indoors or...


RIPOL offers a wide range of efficient, economical and non-polluting solutions for the world of industry. The products have been developed for interior and exterior applications, guarantee excellent...


RIPOL purchases only raw materials of the highest quality and of European origin. It also adopts a highly conservative policy for the selection of new suppliers. Over the years this policy has proved to be a guarantee of excellence and has allowed us to ensure a high and constant level of quality between lots over time. All of our European customers have appreciated this invaluable quality.