I prodotti RIPOL sono tutti realizzati con materie prime di qualità

Epoxy systems

Chemical nature

The RIPOL Series 2 epoxy resin and modified epoxy resin based powder coatings are ideal where resistance to chemical agents is required (lubricants, detergents, acids and diluted alkalis in general), without however renouncing good mechanical characteristics. Their chemical formula makes them ideal for coating components used indoors such as furniture for chemical labs, kitchens and hospitals, taps and faucets in general, machine tools, alloy wheels and tubes.

The RIPOL Series 2 also includes a wide range of primers formulated expressly for anti-corrosion protection. RIPOL has developed systems for the protection of metallic substrates with gradually increasing levels of protection depending on needs.

The RIPOL Series 2 also offers a series of “rapid” and “ultrarapid” systems, particularly suited for the coating of metal pipes and pipelines. They can be formulated for application with both electro-static CORONA spray guns and TRIBO spray guns for automatic and manual equipment.

Fields of use

Corrosion is an insidious threat to the stability of metals, an electrochemical phenomenon that silently attacks the structural integrity of materials such as iron and aluminum. This degenerative...

To meet the specific needs of the automotive industry in terms of functionality and design, RIPOL has constantly developed new high-performance coating systems. Coating systems have been formulated...

RIPOL offers a wide range of efficient, economical and non-polluting solutions for the world of industry. The products have been developed for interior and exterior applications, guarantee excellent...


RIPOL purchases only raw materials of the highest quality and of European origin. It also adopts a highly conservative policy for the selection of new suppliers. Over the years this policy has proved to be a guarantee of excellence and has allowed us to ensure a high and constant level of quality between lots over time. All of our European customers have appreciated this invaluable quality.