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Fields of use

Corrosion is an insidious threat to the stability of metals, an electrochemical phenomenon that silently attacks the structural integrity of materials such as iron and aluminum. This degenerative process, which manifests through gradually consuming the metal, compromises its properties and performance. Despite its inevitable nature, corrosion can be effectively counteracted and prevented with targeted treatments.

RIPOL has developed a range of innovative anti-corrosion systems designed to provide optimal protection against corrosive agents. RIPOL’s proposals are suitable for a wide variety of environments and surfaces, and guarantee high resistance and durability. RIPOL’s one-coat systems use high-quality, high-strength polyester, creating a robust, weatherproof protective barrier.

For particularly aggressive environments or materials requiring exceptional corrosion protection, RIPOL offers dual-coat systems. These systems combine an anticorrosive primer with a polyester powder coating, a two-phase approach that ensures complete coverage and superior protection.

RIPOL’s anti-corrosion products are approved to international standards, with protection levels ranging from C1 to C5 for ferrous metals, attesting to their excellent quality and reliability.

Adopting appropriate rust protection systems is crucial to preserve the integrity and functionality of materials in corrosive environments. Thanks to RIPOL’s innovative products, maintenance costs can be drastically reduced and component life extended. This guarantees high protection and results in significant long-term cost savings, a not-inconsiderable benefit for any industry.




Chemical nature

The RIPOL Series 2 epoxy resin and modified epoxy resin based powder coatings are ideal where resistance to chemical agents is required (lubricants, detergents, acids and diluted alkalis in general),...


RIPOL purchases only raw materials of the highest quality and of European origin. It also adopts a highly conservative policy for the selection of new suppliers. Over the years this policy has proved to be a guarantee of excellence and has allowed us to ensure a high and constant level of quality between lots over time. All of our European customers have appreciated this invaluable quality.