Quality is certified with RIPOL

Quality is certified with RIPOL

RIPOL, an Italian company of high-quality powder coatings, is proud to announce that it has obtained the renewal of QUALICOAT certification for its product series targeted at the world of architecture. The 52L, 55R, 56L and 58L series have obtained the prestigious QUALICOAT Class 1 certification while the 59L series has obtained QUALICOAT Class 2 certification.

QUALICOAT is the European organization established to promote the quality of coatings used for coating aluminum and its alloys used in architectural applications.

QUALICOAT certification attests that RIPOL powder coatings meet stringent quality and reliability requirements. With this certification, aluminum coaters are assured that products coated with RIPOL powder coatings maintain excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance over time.

RIPOL coating solutions that have achieved certification are polyester systems that provide excellent weathering resistance, good colour stability, gloss retention and excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture.

Available in all major colours in both matt and semi-gloss versions, RIPOL powder coatings targeting this market segment are almost all in stock. There is also a choice of smooth, fine textured, marbled, metalized or bonded versions to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For further information on QUALICOAT Series 52L, 55R, 56L, 58L and 59L certified products, download the certifications or contact your local RIPOL sales representative.