Camouflage powder coating for military vehicles

RIPOL RAL 6031-F9 Matt Bronze Green is the new powder coating solution developed for the camouflage of military vehicles and military ground equipment

RIPOL enriches its product portfolio with RIPOL RAL 6031-F9 Matt Bronze Green – code 61LV1G76312. The new coating is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of military standards to reduce the detection of surveillance and seeker systems in the visible and near-infrared spectral range, as it provides reflectance to the vehicle and perfect camouflage.

RIPOL RAL 6031-F9 is formulated to guarantee high mechanical resistance of all components, excellent colour stability, excellent surface hardness and perfect corrosion resistance even under extreme climatic conditions.

The new powder coating is a high-quality deep matt smooth polyester and can be used to powder-coat pre-treated steel and aluminum surfaces.

RIPOL RAL 6031-F9 Matt Bronze Green meets the requirements of Bundeswehr TL 8010-0002 Class IV Type 3, is approved according to the military equipment standard (VG 95211) and has been tested and approved by the Scientific Institute for Defence Materials and Supplies – Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe (WIWeB).

The certified package also includes a pure epoxy matt primer 22LS1101120, available in brown-beige colour RAL 1011, to be used in a double-layer application to further improve the corrosion protection of the entire system.

For further information or to test the product, please contact your local RIPOL sales representative.

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