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RIPOL: quality of powder coatings for architecture guaranteed by QUALICOAT

RIPOL, the Italian company producing high-quality powder coatings, has received, again for 2024, the prestigious QUALICOAT certification for its product series dedicated to the world of architecture. The 52L, 55R, 56L, 58L and 59L series have been submitted to the severe laboratory tests required by the European organization QUALICOAT, confirming their quality and reliability.

Corrosion, how to prevent it

Steel is an easy material to work with, very strong and light but prone to deterioration if not properly protected. Choosing QUALISTEELCOAT guaranteed products is definitely a good solution.

RINA approved RIPOL MED Series polyesters and hybrids

RIPOL Series MED include powder coatings specifically formulated to comply with the Fire Protection requirements of Marine Equipment directive (MED) 96/98/EC as modified by Directive (EU) 2015/559. They are available in both Polyester and Hybrid polyester-epoxy chemistries and in a full range of colors and glosses.