RIPOL campi di impiego


Fields of use

RIPOL has made investments over the years to develop polyester systems certified by QUALICOAT and GSB that can satisfy even the most demanding customers, using top-quality raw materials.

The RIPOL Series 5 products can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated architects and the most demanding requests.

They are classified based on their degree of durability:

  • Series 58L, 56L, 55R, 52L: Standard durability QUALICOAT Class 1 – Standard GSB
  • Series 59L: Super durables QUALICOAT Class 2 – Master GSB
  • Series 53L: Super durables QUALICOAT Class 2


The RIPOL series 58L, 56L, 55R and 52L products have excellent resistance to UV rays, no chalking, excellent mechanical characteristics and good resistance to chemical agents (detergents, lubricants, acids and diluted alkalis). All the RAL colours of the 58L series (gloss, semi-gloss), 52L series (matt) and many of the 55R series (fine-textured) are available in the central warehouse.

The products of the 59L series (gloss) and 53L series (matt) are suitable for use in particularly severe conditions of exposure to UV rays. They have an extremely high degree of retention of the gloss and resistance to changes in colour, combined with maximum integrity of the film and exceptional mechanical characteristics to guarantee excellent aesthetic characteristics over time along with functional protection.

We recommend applying double-layer systems – RIPOL Primers and RIPOL Series 58L or 59L – to obtain maximum protection against corrosion on steel substrates.

The process of transferring three-dimensional images onto surfaces of various types such as aluminum, known as sublimation, has been applied successfully in powder coating. With the products of the RIPOL SBCR series, high-resolution images, drawings, effects such as the veining of wood, granite and marble can be transferred onto a range of products. The RIPOL SBCR powder coatings are specifically formulated to accept the ink and guarantee perfect detachment of the paper. Any type of film can be used in an almost infinite range of drawings, of all the main suppliers.

Chemical nature

RIPOL’s polyester powder coatings have excellent UV resistance characteristics, no chalking, excellent mechanical characteristics, good resistance to chemical agents (detergents, lubricants, acids...


RIPOL purchases only raw materials of the highest quality and of European origin. It also adopts a highly conservative policy for the selection of new suppliers. Over the years this policy has proved to be a guarantee of excellence and has allowed us to ensure a high and constant level of quality between lots over time. All of our European customers have appreciated this invaluable quality.