RIPOL campi di impiego


Fields of use

RIPOL offers powder coatings studied and developed specifically for a wide range of needs, which are classified generically as specialties.



RIPOL’s anti-abrasion systems have been engineered to offer added value to abrasion and scratch resistance over time. This family of RIPOL products is more resistant and does not wear or damage the coating equipment.



RIPOL has developed a range of antimicrobial powder coatings characterized by a specific active ingredient that effectively prevents and protects against the proliferation of microbes. This active ingredient is ionic silver which inhibits the growth of bacteria, causes their almost complete elimination and renders the surface resistant to them.

The efficacy of the RIPOL products has been tested by specialized laboratories and it is possible to have antimicrobial systems in a variety of finishes and chemical families.



RIPOL has studied and developed thin film powder coatings thanks to innovative formulas that use special resins, high-cover pigments and grinding with a controlled particle size which eliminates the larger particles. These are used successfully in the household appliances sector and have the advantage of reduced accumulation on the edges, reduced use of powder thus guaranteeing cost savings, excellent coating and good respect for the geometry of the piece, including the maintenance of fine perforations such as, for example, in ceiling panels.



RIPOL’s low-temperature systems have been designed to meet the needs of the OEMs to paint more rapidly and at lower temperatures. In this way greater productivity is guaranteed, there is a reduction in the costs of energy and it is possible to coat substrates that are more sensitive to temperature. Moreover, these systems offer excellent flow, perfect cover and the possibility of curing at low temperatures such as 140° 20 min, 150° 15 min. or 160° 10 min.



RIPOL’s ESD conductive series includes a wide range of powder coatings specially designed to meet electrical equipment needs for protection against the accumulation of electrostatic charges. The powder coatings are a protective film that dissipates the electro-static charges accumulating on the surface. With the RIPOL ESD coatings, electronic components are protected, whether they are functioning or not. The RIPOL ESD coatings in this field of application have a surface electrical resistance of 105-109 ohm at a thickness of 70-90 microns (if the thickness of the film is greater, the electrical resistance is better). RIPOL’s powder coatings are ideal for electrical boards, computers, workbenches, shelving and so on and are the best solution to paint components that have to respect ATEX standards.



The quality of thermosetting coatings is affected by many factors, one of the most important being the particle-size distribution. High-quality products require a strict curve with a clearly defined apex and few fine particles. RIPOL’s products with controlled particle sizes combine the most advanced formulas and technology. These coatings are produced using a special process that enables control of particle-size distribution to guarantee a better and constant aspect over time, along with production operational efficiency in terms of uniform use of the powder and are used in a wide range of traditional applications.



Problems such as the “fish-eye” effect, bubbles and pinholes are caused by the outgassing phenomenon where gas escapes from the zinc-coated surface of the substrate. To prevent these problems, RIPOL has developed outgassing-friendly powders, which allow gases to escape before cross-linking. The formula envisages longer curing times and lower temperatures so that the gases do not remain imprisoned and the coating obtains optimal flow. We recommended preheating the component to be coated to guarantee excellent results also in the most critical conditions. These systems are normally used to paint hot galvanized, die-cast and steel alloy components.

Chemical nature

RIPOL’s polyester powder coatings have excellent UV resistance characteristics, no chalking, excellent mechanical characteristics, good resistance to chemical agents (detergents, lubricants, acids...


RIPOL purchases only raw materials of the highest quality and of European origin. It also adopts a highly conservative policy for the selection of new suppliers. Over the years this policy has proved to be a guarantee of excellence and has allowed us to ensure a high and constant level of quality between lots over time. All of our European customers have appreciated this invaluable quality.